2022 UK Autism-Friendly Programs and Workshops

Summer In Person

Plymouth, Devon

Uxbridge, Middlesex (London)

The Experience

Workshop Description

Join the more than 2,000 students that have attended a life changing Danimation Summer Camp Program! Explore the exciting world of animation, writing, storyboarding, voice acting, and so much more!

During each 1-week course each student develops their own animation from concept to completion. The process starts with a brainstorming activity which is then translated to a storyboard. Once each student finishes their storyboard, they pitch their story to other students and staff, receiving feedback on improving and further developing their own story. Over the course of the next four days, the students work to complete their film which is then included in the showcase and completion presentation on Friday attended by family and friends.

Rooming Plans Available At Both Locations

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Summer 2022 In Person Workshops

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Plymouth, Devon


Danimation x University of Plymouth



Online Learning

In addition to our summer workshop programs, Danimation offers year around 1:1 autism-friendly animation classes.

Free Introductory Animation Class

Join Danimation’s free weekly animation class to learn more about animation and our programs.

Customized 1:1 On Line Learning

Danimation offers online classes with customized learning tailored to each student at a time that works for you.