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We teach students real life 21st century skills needed for success in an autism positive environment during our one-week summer camps and our more intensive year around programs!  During each DaniMation program, students create characters that talk, sing, dance and hop across the computer screen while learning valuable skills they’ll use throughout their lives. The program includes animating, writing, story-boarding and editing and encourages communication, confidence, teamwork and collaboration through the creation of a short personal animation or working on a larger group project that is presented at the end of the session to family and friends.

History of Our Program, the Dani in Danimation.

Diagnosed with autism at age three, Dani Bowman didn’t speak until age six and expressed herself through art, animation and drawing.  At age eleven she decided that she wanted to start an animation company and worked towards that goal, opening Danimation Entertainment at 14.  Shortly after launching Danimation, Dani met Joey Travolta and has had close working relationship with Joey ever since.

Dani Bowman started teaching animation at age 15 at Joey Travolta’s Inclusion Films Summer film camps in Jacksonville, FL, Tenafly, NJ, and Detroit, MI.  From this beginning, Dani has expanded her Danimation program to eight summer workshops including five in Florida, two in the UK in partnership with the University of Plymouth, and fall/spring Saturday classes in Los Angeles.  In total Dani has taught well over 1500 participants with autism animation.

Danimation Returns to University Of Plymouth

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Danimation is back at the University of Plymouth for our Summer Autism-Friendly Animation Workshops for Ages 10-22 August 3rd-14th.

Join the more than 1,500 students that have attended a life changing Danimation Summer Camp Program! Explore the exciting world of animation, writing, storyboarding, voice acting, and so much more!

During each 1-week course each student develops their own animation from concept to completion. The process starts with a brainstorming activity which is then translated to a storyboard. Once each student finishes their storyboard, they pitch their story to other students and staff, receiving feedback on improving and further developing their own story. Over the course of the next four days, the students work to complete their film which is then included in the showcase and completion presentation on Friday attended by family and friends.

Session 1 – August 3rd – 7th   Introduction to Animation

Session 1 will be focused on teaching first time participants the principles of 2d computer animation, but returning participants are also welcome.

Session 2 – August 10th – 14th   Animation Workshop

Session 2 will be focused on teaching participants new skills in 2d animation using ToonBoom Harmony and focus on collaborative projects.  A limited number of novice animators may be accepted if they are not able to attend the first session.

Other Workshops

Please visit DaniAcademy.com for a current list of workshops offered around the world.

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Testamonials and Media

From 2019 Workshop

“The change I’ve seen in my daughter in just five days, from arriving anxious and nervous
and very within herself. The confidence that has grown in her over the week and the friends that she’s made has been incredible, a really great experience…I would definitely recommend it to anybody.”

Featured on BBC Spotlight

The BBC’s Melanie Chiswell sits down with the workshop participants and Dani Bowman to discuss the Danimation program at Plymouth University.

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£100 Deposit holds space for one week camp and applies against £295 (before July 1)/£350 (regular) total cost.